Cooking instructions

Cooking time for fresh pasta is substantially less than dry pasta. As a general rule, all of our fresh pastas cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Cooking our fresh pasta

Allow 4-6 quarts of water per pound. When removing the pasta from package “fluff” it up a bit, separating the noodles before adding it to the water. Add pasta to salted boiling water, stir & begin timing. Cooking times vary so check pasta after 2 minutes and do not overcook. Once pasta is cooked, drain well and toss immediately with the sauce, coating evenly. Enjoy!

Cuts and Flavors
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  • Semolina
  • Whole Wheat
  • Vegan


  • Semolina
  • Lemon Black Pepper
  • Roasted Red Pepper
  • Gluten Free*


  • Semolina
  • Spinach
  • Kalamata Olive


  • Penne
  • Fusilli
  • Fusilli –GF*
  • Shells
  • Gemelli
  • Elbow


  • Angel Hair
  • Pappadelle
  • Bucatini
  • Lasagna Sheets